Lori WilliamsLori Williams is a business consultant, speaker and writer. She has over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, finance, marketing and operations. Functioning as the Chief Strategist for her consulting agency, she has worked with middle market companies to build long-term sustainable growth. Her eBooks are distributed through Amazon, ITunes and Barnes and Noble. As an adjunct professor in the entrepreneurial department at Pepperdine, she shares her business expertise with young entrepreneurs.

Lori has always had a passion for helping small businesses. She formed Business Simply Put ® to provide smaller companies with affordable high-level information and advice. Business Simply Put ® combines expertise and technology through an online platform. Services offered include: eAdvice to answer business questions, eKnowledge to learn through webinars and customized training programs and eTools which includes eBooks and Financial Models.

Lori is a well-known expert on business finance. She believes entrepreneurs should have a basic understanding of their company’s financial health. She provides business education and advice through her on-line courses, eBooks and individualized consulting sessions.

Lori’s career path has been expansive providing her with a wealth of divergent experiences. At age 25 she started The Right Source, an advertising and marketing agency. After relocating to California, Lori spent several years at Canon Incorporated, where she was able to experience a corporate organizational structure and learn “best practices” applicable to any sized company. While completing her graduate studies she worked for a regional bank where she held the position of VP Commercial Banking Officer.

In 2005, she formed LW and Associates, a strategy and finance consulting firm focusing predominately on middle-market companies. In 2007, she founded Business Simply Put® and shifted her attention to providing on-line products and services to start-ups and small companies. In this, Lori says her career has come full circle. She has returned to help small companies and young entrepreneurs who are forging their own pathway, just as she had over two decades ago.

Lori holds an MBA from Pepperdine University, BS Business and Management, an AA in Medical Science and a Practitioner’s license in NeuroLinguistic Programming. As a requested speaker, she has addressed esteemed audiences such as the IBM Big Blue Alumni, World Savings Bank, Citibank, and members of the Small Business Development Center.

Lori has an abundance of energy and believes anything is possible if you work hard and are committed to your dream. She is a living example of this philosophy, both professionally and personally. Lori is an avid rock climber.  When she is not helping entrepreneurs experience their dreams, she is handing out some where high above the ground.

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