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Lori has a gift for explaining financials in a way that a non-finance person can understand. Before I met her, I ran away from numbers-screaming!

Lori was patient with me and walked me through each step. She's resourceful, brilliant and clearly talented in her field. Working with her I was able to finally understand the true profitability of my business.

Amarelle, Chic Choc By Amarelle

Over ten years ago we began working with Lori and Business Simply Put, on the development of our company's growth strategy, hiring policies. It has been very fruitful. Before we open a new location or hire someone we always consult with Lori to make sure we stay on track.

Jeff Cunningham owner of MAM Inc.

Now is a great time to be an entrepreneur.  With the freedom of technology we can choose how we want to work, anywhere and anytime.

My name is Lori Williams and my life is a living example of the possibilities.
I am an entrepreneur, business consultant and writer. For over twenty years I built a successful consulting business working with multi-million dollar companies. Today,  I provide smaller companies and entrepreneurs with the information they need to make good business decisions.
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